Repair Terms & Conditions

Repair Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Repair terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with our service.

Devices submitted to The Mobile Company for repair will be provided with a 6-month warranty from the date of service completion.

In addition to the rights and remedies that you have under the Australian Consumer Law or any other applicable law, The Mobile Company provides the following warranty against defects.

Warranty claims are subject to approval by our technicians. If unsatisfied with the resolution, please email us at or by clicking HERE for our online contact form.

The warranty does not cover and is voided if evidence of the following is visible:

* Physical and water damage whether it is accidental, intentional, or general wear and tear.

* After Apple device repairs, it may show the notification “Unknown Part” or “Display/battery could not be verified” embedded in the device.

* Servicing of the device by a third party not associated with The Mobile Company.

* Any issues not associated with the original intent of service that were unable to be diagnosed by The Mobile Company e.g. Software problems, hardware problems, motherboard issues and liquid damage.

* Any loss of data occurring because of the repair. Customers are advised to back up all data prior to repair.

* Repairs that have been conducted with customers’ parts purchased from a source other than The Mobile Company.

Please note in the process of opening a device, the original waterproofing feature may no longer function, and The Mobile Company does not warrant for waterproofing and cannot be held responsible for any liquid damage due to broken seal.

Please note a $59 non-refundable assessment fee applies to all undertaken repair duties, This fee is deducted from the total of the repair cost if the quote is approved.

The $59 assessment fee will be deducted from monies paid for any approved refund or BER (beyond economical repair) device.

If the device is not collected within 90 days of completion, the device will be disposed of or recycled in accordance with the uncollected goods legislation.

If a refund is approved, any parts installed by The Mobile Company remains property of The Mobile Company and must be returned for a refund to be processed.